Central Computer Center (CCC) is the nodal agency and engine for propelling ICT Infrastructure Development, Maintenance and Growth at NIT Raipur. On this front, the Systems and Networks Division of the CCC has planned, designed, implemented, optimized, and is operating and maintaining the ICT Infrastructure pertaining to the Campus Wide Wired Network, the Campus Wide WiFi Network, the Campus Wide Telephony Network, the Campus Network Security, the Advanced Computing Facility, the Campus Hosting Services, the Campus Wide Software Licensing and the Central Computer Center.

CCC is also engaged in Software Development Works towards various internal application requirements of the Institute. Here, the Applications & Services Division of the CCC has developed and tested in-house the Institute Website, the Faculty Recruitment Application, and the Online Testing Application for Institute Ph.D. Admissions, among others. It is also running an Institute Directory Service which is used for Internet Access Authentication and a Webcasting Service for Webcasting Video Streams. This group is also managing the Institute Email Application.

The Administrative Division of the CCC serves as the interface between the institute and the two technical divisions of CCC and looks into the management of the CCC.